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Name:Accountability and Check-Ins
Posting Access:All Members
A community created to support each other in daily-living tasks, short- and long-term goals, and keeping each other on track, particularly for people who struggle with procrastination, lack of motivation or inertia. Currently, this community is invite-only until further notice.

Posts we encourage

  • Descriptions of specific issues that you may be facing, eg housework, job-hunting, homework, dealing with social services, looking after pets, etc.
  • Resource posts that connect people to helpful articles, resources or community organisations.
  • Requests for check-ins or reminders.

The rules

  • Be respectful of the other community members. No flaming, trolling, bullying or spamming.
  • No racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, transphobic, ableist or otherwise bigoted behaviour. Sometimes people make mistakes, but deliberate bigotry is entirely unwelcome here, and if the moderators see you doing it, you'll be summarily tossed out.
  • This is a neurodiversity-friendly community. As such, disrespectful remarks about autism, bipolar, ADHD, depression, plurality, etc, are absolutely unwelcome.
  • In the same vein, we are also a disability-friendly community. No attacking or patronising people because of their disabilities or illnesses.
  • Confidentiality rule: What's discussed in this community stays in this community. Don't drag others' business outside it without their permission. However, if you want to crosspost a post you made here to your own journal, that's fine.
  • If you have a pre-existing conflict with another member of this community, don't bring it here. We're here to help each other, not to stir up drama.
  • Do not judge other people's needs. Some people struggle more with some things than others - there are some who are excellent with housework, but struggle with managing their time at work or at uni. There are people who are fine doing their tasks at work, but may struggle with the washing-up. We're all different here, and we need to understand that other people may be struggling with things that we may not be, individually.
  • If you can't say something constructive, don't say it at all.
  • To sum it up: Don't be a jerk.
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